ezDivorce.ca was founded in 2003 by Adam Slater, Barrister & Solicitor. Adam has been a lawyer since 1995 (in Ontario since 1999).
Based in Toronto, Ontario, ezDivorce.ca is the original, Ontario online lawyer-operated divorce service that provides low cost, high quality assistance with ‘simple’, uncontested or joint divorces in Ontario, Canada.

Why choose us?

Adam has been doing simple, uncontested divorces for over 13 years and has personally prepared, filed, managed and obtained over 5,000 divorces in Ontario in that time. No other lawyer comes even remotely close.
Note: Only lawyers licensed in Ontario are permitted to offer Ontario divorce services. When researching which service to use, ask for the name of the lawyer that runs the service. If it is not run by an Ontario lawyer it is illegal and you will not be protected by the Law Society if something goes wrong. Just because a service has a slick website does not make it legitimate. Also, checking out the Better Business Bureau is also a very good idea – however, note that BBB ratings do not necessarily take into account whether or not a service runs afoul of local laws. As well, check to see if the service publicizes a physical address and lawyer’s name. ezDivorce.ca is an actual business with a dedicated office in Toronto – we don’t hide behind a post office box or anonymous generic website information. (If you search our address, you will see a listing for ‘virtual office’ services at the same address. Our dedicated, full-time office is rented on a floor of ‘executive suites’ that also has part-time and ‘virtual’ options.)


Compare our fee versus competitors’

Prepare all required forms for your simple Ontario Divorce
File papers with court for you
Serve your spouse by mail
Commission your affidavits**
Communicate with court for you if issue arises
Simple ‘clean’ Separation Agreement***
ADDITIONAL Fee to offer all of the above0+$450+$499
*Plus HST and the court’s mandatory filing fees of $447. See full description of fees above.
**At our office in Toronto.
***Free ‘clean’ agreement = no minor children, no spousal support, no division of assets, etc.