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(Add 13% HST except on the court's fees)

Ontario Simple* (sole/uncontested or joint**) Divorce: Complete preparation of all of the forms required to obtain a simple (uncontested or joint) divorce in Ontario, Canada. The following services are provided at no additional charge: (i) filing of the divorce forms for you in the appropriate court; (ii) serving your spouse with a copy of the filed Application for Divorce by regular mail; and (iii) commissioning of the required affidavits***.
*A 'simple' divorce is one in which you are only asking the court for a divorce and nothing else (such as spousal support, division of property, child custody/access/support, etc.). **A joint divorce requires both spouses to sign all of the divorce paperwork. A sole/uncontested divorce is when one spouse files the divorce and the other spouse is served with copy after it is filed. See this for more info. ***Read more about these services towards the bottom of this page. 

Ontario divorce (simple):   $400
PRICE MATCH:  We can meet any lower advertised and bona fide price from an Ontario lawyer for the exact same service we offer. Contact us if you find something and we will determine if it is legitimate. This offer does not apply to services offered by non-lawyers or out-of-Ontario companies (which in both cases are operating illegally). This offer may be withdrawn at any time at our discretion. 

  Optional Separation Agreement: $200 (with a divorce, or $300 on it's own with a $100 credit towards the future purchase of our regular, undiscounted, divorce service)  Please read this
SPECIAL OFFER: Get a FREE basic, 'clean' personalized agreement (no support, minor children or division of assets) with the purchase of a regular divorce package.

The Court's mandatory fees:  $447 - the mandatory amount the court charges (separate from our fee) (Does not include the $19 fee that the court charges for the optional divorce certificate which is required when you re-marry in the future.)

Court Fee Waiver - You may be eligible for a waiver of all but $10 of the court's fees if you have very low income and own very few assets. Click here for more information.

Total for an Ontario divorce (simple) with a cooperative spouse: $899 includes taxes & court fees (not including the $19 per optional divorce certificate required when you re-marry in the future)

COMPARE OUR FEES When comparing prices with other providers, be sure to insist on getting their total, start-to-finish price. Other services often add undisclosed 'disbursements' that may bring their advertised total to much higher than you were expecting. The only disbursements that we pass along are the mandatory court filing fees. Also, when comparing fees, remember that our fee includes making both required court filings for you, commissioning of the required affidavits, serving your spouse by mail and unlimited telephone and e-mail support all at no additional cost

How does this all work? What do you have to do? Click here to find out.

EXTRAS - Please read this so you are not surprised by any extra fees:

Note: There are no 'hidden' fees. In the vast majority of cases, if either party lives in Ontario, and your spouse is co-operative, your divorce will cost a total of $899.

Don't know where your spouse is? - Click here for a description of the process and fees.

Divorce based on Adultery - Add $50.

You, the applicant, reside outside of Ontario - Add $50.

Serving Your Spouse - Unless the court orders otherwise, your spouse must be given a copy of the Application for divorce after it is filed with the court.

By mail - FREE: This is provided at no additional cost to you. Your spouse must sign & mail back an acknowledgement of service post card.

In Person - If your spouse is not cooperative with service by mail, or if you just prefer that he/she be served in person, you must arrange for personal service (either by a relative, friend or by a professional process server) at your own expense.

Swearing Affidavits

One of the forms required to obtain your divorce is a sworn affidavit. 'Swearing' or 'commissioning' occurs in the physical presence of a commissioner of oaths (lawyer, notary public, justice of the peace, court clerk, etc.).

Our commissioner of oaths (lawyer) is located in mid-town Toronto. If you live outside of the GTA, you will either have to cover the cost of having your affidavit sworn locally, or you can have it commissioned for free at many government offices. Instructions will be provided.

Misc. Fees

Some courts only accept bank drafts or money orders. If your bank charges for this, you may incur that fee as well.

If you live outside of Canada and must pay the court's fees with a credit card or PayPal, there will be a 4% surcharge.

'Supplemental filing fees' range from $25 to $75: Please read this page.

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